Terms & Conditions

By confirming your order and paying your booking fee you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.


· A non-refundable booking fee is required in order to secure your order and chosen date. The amount is at the discretion of Damn Fine Cakes, but will usually be 50% of the full order value.

· Payment of this fee secures your order date. If payment of your booking fee is not received within the time frame specified in your quote then your date cannot be guaranteed.

· Booking fees may be paid in cash, or by bank transfer.


· Celebration cakes should be paid for in cash on collection, or in advance by bank transfer.

· Wedding cakes may be paid for in cash or by bank transfer, with the full balance payable no later than 7 days before your wedding date.

· Sorry, I do not accept cheques or payment via Paypal.

· Please note that if full payment is not received at or before collection/delivery your order will not be released.


· All orders are to be collected from Damn Fine Cakes premises in Saltaire (BD18 4NR), unless delivery has been agreed by prior arrangement. Orders should be collected at a pre-arranged time. If circumstances arise where you cannot collect at the agreed time please get in touch, or I will reserve the right to charge a late collection fee of £25.

· For collected orders, responsibility for the cake, and for transporting it safely, lies with you, the client. While I can offer advice about the best way to transport your cake I cannot be held responsible should any damage occur to your cake while in transit or during loading/unloading into your vehicle.

· Delivery of your order will incur an additional change. This is calculated based on the mileage and time involved and will be included in your quote.

· If you are having your cake delivered it is your responsibility to inform me of the details of your event (specifically the location, time and name of contact at the venue)and the arrangements made with the venue for the location and display of your cake. I will liaise with your venue to arrange the specific time of delivery and set up of the cake butcannot be held responsible for the location of the cake at the venue.

· The cake table must be strong enough to support the cake, must be level and should be dressed appropriately with linen, stand, etc ready for me to set the cake up at the point of delivery, without the need for it to be moved by the venue.

· If you are having your cake delivered, Damn Fine Cakes takes full responsibility for ensuring that the cake arrives in perfect condition. Once it has been set up at the venue this responsibility passes to you, the client. Damn Fine Cakes cannot be held liable should the cake be damaged in any way after it has been left at the venue. I will take photographs of the cake in situ, and ask that a named contact person at the venue is available to check the cake and sign to confirm it has been set up and left in good condition before I leave the premises.

· In the unlikely event of late delivery, the maximum compensation offered will be a refund of the delivery charge. This is entirely at the discretion of Damn Fine Cakes.


· In the event that an order is cancelled Damn Fine Cakes reserves the right to retain your non-refundable deposit. Any refunds are given entirely at the discretion of Damn Fine Cakes.

· Cancellations must be made in writing and can only be deemed effective once they have been opened/read by Damn Fine Cakes.

· In the event that your celebration is postponed I will endeavour to transfer your order (providing I can meet the revised date), otherwise it shall be treated as a cancellation, as outlined above.

· In the unlikely event that Damn Fine Cakes has to cancel your order due to extenuating circumstances beyond my control any monies paid will be refunded in full. Damn Fine Cakes would also seek to find an alternative cake maker to fulfil your order should this happen. I will not pass on your order, or your details, without your consent.


· It is your responsibility to check your quote thoroughly. Once a quote has been agreed any amendments you wish to make to the to design should be agreed between yourself and Damn Fine Cakes in writing.

· Wherever possible I will endeavour to make adjustments to the design if they are requested in a timely manner. However, if the amendments are such that a new design is needed I reserve the right to charge for the time this takes. It may not be possible to accommodate design amends made at late notice, or after work has begun on elements of the cake (e.g. flowers or models). Any amends I am able to accommodate may incur cost implications, which will be advised at the point of request and added on to the final price of the cake.

· I reserve the right to make minor modifications to the design at any point if I deem it necessary, whether that is due to external factors (e.g. due to heat/humidity) or aesthetics (e.g. placement of name moved from side of cake to cake board).

· Please bear in mind that each cake is made to order and is individually handcrafted. As such, some slight variation in colours and models is to be expected. This particularly applies to sugar flowers – as in nature no two are exactly identical!

· From time to time I may have to substitute a component due to issues with availability (e.g. a different ribbon). In these instances I will replace with a suitable alternative of equal or better quality, without consultation.


· Cakes with models or flowers on may contain inedible items used for support (e.g. cocktail sticks). Cakes of two or more tiers will also contain dowels. I will endeavour to highlight this to you at the point of collection, or to your caterer if I am delivering your cake to your venue. As responsibility for the cake passes to you upon collection/delivery it is your responsibility to ensure these are removed from the cake before it is eaten.

· Damn Fine Cakes cannot be held responsible for any items added to the cake once it has been collected/delivered (e.g. candles, additional flowers, etc), or for any damage to the cake caused by the addition of extra items.


· If your cake requires fresh flowers they will be at an additional cost, separate to the cake itself. You would be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements (including agreeing pricing and payment) with your florist. I am happy to liaise with your florist but cannot be held responsible for any problems with your fresh flowers.

· In the event that fresh flowers are used on your cake, it is preferable that Damn Fine Cakes place the flowers on the cake. This enables me to ensure that the necessary precautions have been taken to make the flowers food safe, and to place them on the cake in line with our agreed design.

· Damn Fine Cakes cannot take any responsibility for any cake damaged by a floral arrangement place on the cake by someone else.

· I strongly advise against adding fresh flowers to the cake yourself. If you are planning to do this please be extremely cautious and check with Damn Fine Cakes and/or your florist that they are not poisonous and are safe to have near food. Any fresh flowers you chose to add yourself are added at your own risk. Damn Fine Cakes does not accept any responsibility for flowers added to the cake by someone else.


· Any dietary requirements should be discussed at the point of ordering. Cakes can be made vegetarian, dairy free and alcohol free. I do not offer vegan cakes.

· I cannot cater for coeliacs. Whilst in some cases I can offer gluten free options, I am unable to absolutely guarantee a gluten free kitchen, therefore must state that there may be traces of gluten in all of my bakes.

· Similarly with nuts, I cannot guarantee my cakes are nut free as even though I do not add nuts to my bakes, there may be traces of them in my ingredients. If you, or any of your guests, have a severe nut allergy I ask that you bring this to my attention at the point of ordering.


· The size of your cake is calculated based on industry standard portion sizes. For wedding cakes this is generally finger portions of 1”x1”, for celebration cakes it is 1”x 2”. This is given as a guide only and may vary depending upon how the cake is cut at the venue. Damn Fine Cakes cannot be held responsible for the way the venue cuts the cake.


· I bake your cakes as freshly as possible and recommend that they are consumed within 48 hours of your event. Although the cakes will last longer than this, I cannot guarantee their quality beyond 48 hours.

· If you are storing your cake before an event (or any leftovers after the event) please keep it in its card box, in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.

· Please do not put your cake in the fridge as this will damage the icing.

· Decorated cakes can be frozen but I do not recommend this.


· Whilst Damn Fine Cakes cannot accept any responsibility for damage that occurs to your cake after it has been collected or delivered, should such damage occur please contact me as soon as possible and I will do my best to offer advice, to replace damaged models/flowers or to repair the damage.

· Any additional cost for this would be dependent on the exact circumstances and the nature of the damage/repair and would be advised before any remedial work is carried out.


· I want you to be delighted with your Damn Fine Cake! If there is anything that you are not completely happy with please notify me as soon as possible. I will address your concerns and will look to rectify any issues providing there is time to do so before your event. Any complaints should be made in writing, and photographs provided.

· Any refunds given are at the discretion of Damn Fine Cakes. Refunds will not be given once the cake has been consumed.

· If you have any queries or concerns in the lead up to your event please do let me know so that we can work through them, and you can relax and enjoy your event.